Invited by the Hospital Authority, Asiabots joined the ‘Joint Journal Club of Q&S and Innovation’ on 1st December, in Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital, sharing how to apply coversational AI solutions to the medical service, hence, assist and relieve their routine work pressure.

AI solutions developed by Asiabots, is never only available to be deployed in the business industry, but also into the pubic service, enhancing the service quality and relieving the work pressure of human staff. Can’t wait to see more artificial intelligence solutions and applications to be used in the medical industry!



快訊!Asiabots憑藉我司的皇牌方案A.I.助手,結合全渠道服務方案:語音機械人、人工智能客戶服務大使及聊天機械人,成功獲得HKRMA 2021智能零售科技獎(科技初創企業)銅獎。是次獲得HKRMA及2021智能零售科技獎評審認可,是為Asiabots進軍零售業的一大強心針。

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Asiabots is chosen to be one of the 101 most innovative Hong Kong based Artificial Intelligence Companies by Futurology! We are happy to share the great news with all of you.

A little secret for you, Asiabots is preparing a brand-new product solution for you to have a slight taste of our innovative technology. Stay tuned and don’t miss our new update!

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To support bureaux and departments (B/Ds) in accelerating the provision of e-licensing and e-services to better serve the community, the Efficiency Office, in collaboration with the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, organised an I&T Solution Day on 31 March 2021. Over 220 representatives from 40 participating B/Ds under the “Be the Smart Regulator” and the “Streamlining of Government Services” Programmes joined the event. Asiabots also participated in the Solution Day. Many of the visitors also greatly expressed their appreciation to our creative solution. Hope to serve you later through our governmental services!

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