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2 min readFeb 17, 2023


ChatGPT becomes a hot issue related to its unexpected ability in answering questions from various aspects, especially since no training is provided.

ChatGPT (GPT3.5), evolving from GPT3.0, uses millions of data and images from the internet as its learning data. It is a giant natural language generation model. The most eye-catching point is its ability of AIGC (AI Generated Content). Those who used ChatGPT may have thought, ‘ChatGPT has an extremely wide knowledge database, but seems to be a lot more “western” when we are talking about moral and political issues.’

Well, OpenAI makes no bones about something. ChatGPT uses ways similar to Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) and InstructGPT, labeler ranks the answers in GPT’s system and gives feedback to the rewarding system. Moreover, there are extra rules like Deepmind Sparrow Dialogue, for example, cannot make any verbal attack, sexism, discrimination, or pretend to be a human, these make ChatGPT gain wide acceptance among humans.

ChatGPT even passes an IQ Test. ChatGPT got 147 marks in Verbal-Linguistic IQ test, high enough to get a legal, account, medical license, and other professional qualifications.

Having text-based interaction instead of other intelligent ways, GPT has a relatively weak visual. To present a more futuristic interaction with Artificial Intelligence, Asiabots integrated our A.I. Ambassador with ChatGPT, and asks some interesting questions:

‘Who should I save if my mum and wife fall into the sea?’,

‘My mum said I came from a stone, while my dad said I am just a piece of ham. Who should I trust?’

‘Shall we use our left or right hand to wipe our butt after we go to the toilet?’

‘One said we should never argue with a dumb, what do you think?’

ChatGPT always amazes us.

We all know ChatGPT has great answers to knowledge-based questions. It has surprisingly great answers to these moral and open-ended questions. We could definitely expect GPT or other similar models will turn a new page in Education, Customer service, or professional consultation industries.

New tech still has room for improvement though it is already decent now. However, GPT still got challenges to overcome:

  1. Accuracy: ChatGPT sometimes will provide incorrect information.
  2. Customization: One could hardly control ChatGPT’s answer as it does not open fine-tuning to the industry till today (16 Feb, 2023)
  3. Speed: A bit slow for scenarios that need an immediate response.
  4. Cloud Service: ChatGPT only supports cloud service, which might not be accepted by corporate.

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