Asiabots早前獲得2020金融科技大獎,就著由Asiabots獨有的廣東話AI Voicebot技術,我們再度登上ETNet經濟通!如果想要知道更多有關Voicebot的技術、用途及對業界帶來的好處,立即閱讀ETNet的專訪吧!

Asiabots won the Fintech Awards 2020 before. ETNet interviewed us to know more about our unique technology of our Cantonese AI Voicebot. If you want to know more about the little secret, application and benefits of Voicebot, make sure you do not miss the article of ETNet!

不知道大家對Voice Bot的了解有多深,今天讓我們來說一下人工智能Call吧!

Not sure whether you know much about Voicebots, anyway let’s talk about AI telephone today!

早前Asiabots曾寫過一篇文章「建立一個WhatsApp Chatbot一點也不困難」,令讀者對WhatsApp Chatbot了解深了,不少人也想知道可以在哪些平台建立屬於自己公司的聊天機械人。

Asiabots wrote a blog ‘Owning a WhatsApp Chatbot is not difficult’, introducing how to build a good WhatsApp chatbot to our readers. Many readers would love to know where could they build their company chatbot on other social media channels.

Asiabots於本周二(1月12日)參加2020金融科技大獎頒獎典禮,並獲頒2020金融科技大獎 — 人工智能,同類範疇得獎的還有滙豐銀行,同場獲獎的還有We Lab及中國建設銀行等多個公司。


Invited to the FinTech Awards 2020 Ceremony on 12 Jan, 2021, Asiabots was awared the FinTech Awards 2020 — Artificial Intelligence, HSBC, We Lab and China Construction Bank and many other corporations also were awarded.

Asiabots won various FinTech awards these years, including IFTA FinTech Achievement Awards and FinTech Impetus Awards. We are looking for more opportunities to apply artificial intelligence into the FinTech industry and bring changes to the society. Aiming at widespread of A.I., Asiabots is going to invent and deploy more artificial intelligence solutions in the upcoming years.

Asiabots早日參加香港金融科技發展大獎2020頒獎典禮,並獲得基礙科技 — 人工智能初創大獎,同場獲得殊榮的還有滙豐銀行、康業信貸及中信銀行等積極發展及採用金融科技的初創及跨國企業。


Asiabots participated in the award presentation ceremony of Fintech Impetus Awards 2020 and was awarded the Basic Technology — Artificial Intelligence in the Startup sector. HSBC, Konew Financial Express and China Citic Bank and other corporations which are supporting FinTech solutions actively.

We also actively discussed the opportunities that FinTech brings to the business situation of Hong Kong. Asiabots has been actively bringing A.I. solutions into FinTech Bank industry, retail, property management and even more industries, bringing Hong Kong to be the leading country among other competitors. Awarding the FinTech award, is a huge recognition to our A.I. solution and services. Asiabots will continuously develop more artificial intelligence technologies and apply them into various business situations.

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