Sill WhatsApp? We are talking about Chatbot on Signal already!

Asiabots wrote a blog ‘Owning a WhatsApp Chatbot is not difficult’, introducing how to build a good WhatsApp chatbot to our readers. Many readers would love to know where could they build their company chatbot on other social media channels.

Recently, thousands of users migrated to signal due to the new privacy policy that requires users to share their phone number and information of their contact persons to Facebook. Many users were worried about their privacy.

Originally, many users used WhatsApp for a long time. Many corporations tried to set up a WhatsApp Business account to communicate better with their clients. You might be curious about the reason that we are suggesting you build a new account on Signal. Let’s look a bit closer at the differences between Signal and WhatsApp in a business aspect.

Advantages of Signal

We, at first, thought that it is hard to tell if the public will move to Signal as their new communication tool, but it was totally a different story as we observe Signal improvement and the incident due to the huge number of new registrants. It’s not hard to tell the global users are ready for changing to Signal. It will be too late for you if you do not take one step forward in adapting the trend first.

Those who have a WhatsApp Business account should know, WhatsApp charged their business account companies through WhatsApp API. It means that every message you sent is not free of charge. It is not real expensive though, when the number is huge, it is still a certain cost. In opposite, they do not have any personal or business account in Signal. A company could simply register with an identical phone number, saving both time and money. It is rather simple and straight forward to get in touch with their customers.

Some of the companies have concerns about setting up a chatbot on WhatsApp. One of the reasons is that WhatsApp charges. When the users keep chatting with the chatbot, the cost becomes cannot be ignored.

Asiabots set up many chatbots for various corporations. The most important thing is to build a great foundation. The chatbot would serve your customer with accurate answers. It provides a great customer experience to your users.

If you set up a Signal chatbot, it will not generate an extra fee when you communicate with your clients. What do you think about setting up an automated chatbot on Signal? If you want to know more, please visit for more information

It’s now. It’s Asia. It’s Asiabots.

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