I got a confirmation call from AI? Voice Bot applications have far more variety than you imagine!

Not sure whether you know much about Voicebots, anyway let’s talk about AI telephone today!

The most famous Voicebot in the market is AI Duplex developed by Google. Announced at Google IO in 2018, Google Duplex is an AI Assistant developed by Google, has powerful technology and service. Duplex AI could directly make a reservation phone call to a salon after receiving a user’s request. Having a humanlike voice with great reaction and intonation, surprised all the audience that day. Let’s review the demo again now.

The voice assistant sounds like a B2C service. Have you ever imagined that it could be your AI Agent of your corporation? Some of us might be curious if it could really capture what the users said and give a relevant response. It might be a bit difficult to try a brand new product at once, maybe you can use voicebot as a warm notification call to remind your clients’ reservation?

Asiabots launched a brand new A.I. solution recently. The ‘mini Voicebot’ is to make a call to your clients automatically. One of our clients, a medical group confirms, many of their patients reserved a timeslot to seek medical advice, but not showing up at last. Since the clinic reserved a timeslot, this directly caused a loss to the doctor. To solve the problem, their company requires the nurses to make a prior notification call to the patients as a confirmation. Even if the patient could not show up, the nurse could reschedule a new appointment for him also.

Nurse: Hello, is this Mr Chan?
Chan: Yes
Nurse: This is XX Clinic, you made an appointment for 28 Feb, 3 pm. Are you coming on that day?
Chan: Yes
Nurse: See you that day then, goodbye.

The repetitive short calls already cost a whole day for the nurses to handle. Voicebot could assist and help to handle the repetitive workload. You might choose to use IVR system and allow your users to interact with the AI using the phone buttons; or using Asiabots’ Voicebot solution, with ASR and NLP technologies, your call bot is smart enough to understand your clients and give a relevant answer.

With a properly designed flow, Voicebot could make multiple notification calls. If the client might not be able to show up, can Voicebot handle this task? Voicebot is capable of handling the problem if you integrate it to the company’s booking system, but if you still want to play safe and transfer the task to your staff, voicebot could also transfer the call to the nurse once it receives the message.

Not only for clinics many other industries including beauty salons or even restaurants could try adapting the solution. Read more about the amazing voicebot on https://www.asiabots.com/aivoice!

It’s now. It’s Asia. It’s Asiabots.

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