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3 min readApr 6, 2022

Facing alarming numbers of daily new infections, Hong Kong is in “full-on war mode” against Covid-19. Social distancing rules, mass quarantine and even city lockdown, though controlling the spread of the virus, will restrict many social activities and lead to significant consequences in terms of psychological health including stress, anxiety, depression, frustration, etc. The enormity of changes in the daily lives, socialisations, working modes, job marketing, financial situations, global economies as well as grief over the death of loved ones is also negatively affecting the wellness of many. While the recently announced gradual relaxation of social distancing measures from April 20 onwards by the Hong Kong government still seems a long way to go, Hong Kong-ers are already too drained by the so-called “pandemic fatigue”. How can one’s mental well-being be safeguarded in this turbulent time?

Artificial Intelligence is said to behold the future of mental well-being, especially against the backdrop of the global pandemic and technological advancements. Across the mental-health industry, companies are rapidly building solutions for monitoring and treating mental-health issues that rely on just a phone or a wearable device. “Affective computing” or “Emotional AI” has emerged as an attractive tool for governments and corporations to address this ongoing mental health crisis since life has been forced online and normal lives are severely impacted. Coupled with sophisticated technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), machine learning techniques, and wearable devices, and infused with clinically proven research findings, various sources of data can help machines to learn, model, monitor, and analyse human emotional expressions, from physical changes in facial expressions, speech, voice qualities, heartbeats, and even eye blinks, to your subtle linguistic choices.

Being able to understand and dissect human emotions encourages another huge step forward — treatments of emotional and mental illnesses. Innovative A.I. technologies such as Chatbot together with clinically tested, therapeutic treatment methods are able to effectively soothe the users and ameliorate symptoms of mental health conditions. What’s more, combined with a virtual avatar, the AI-powered digital humans can appear just as natural and realistic as a real-life therapist you would imagine! Such innovation is no longer merely confined to science fictions and faraway future — it is here and now! For example, Ellie, a virtual avatar therapist developed by the University of Southern California, is able to pick up on nonverbal cues and guide the conversation accordingly, being proven to be a great asset to mental health professionals and the industry as a whole.


Equipped with all the necessary technologies, including self-developed Artificial Intelligence engine that combines NLP, Text-to-speech (TTS), and machine learning technologies, Asiabots prides itself on its stride in enhancing performance of virtually every industry and safeguarding the well-being of the community, by providing top-quality A.I. solutions with a wide range of choices. Asiabots’ top-selling product, A.I. Ambassador (, already being proven a great success in concierge, customer service and personal assistance, is easily transformable into a next generation A.I. therapist that is amicable, professional, and extremely helpful. The appearances and voices of the virtual avatar can be easily customised, catering to every detailed need. If a digital human is not necessary, Asiabots’ Voicebots ( and Chatbots ( are similarly powerful and intelligent, attentively listening and responding to you and you only. With its one-of-a-kind multilingual NLP and TTS engines, Asiabots has the capability to provide the immense Asian market with the first A.I. therapist that speaks Cantonese, Mandarin, and English!

Can’t wait to meet your personal A.I. therapist? Look no further to Asiabots at to unlock the new era of digital mental wellness!

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