How could we apply A.I. in Hospitality?

When we talk about using A.I. in hospitality, you might think of robots transferring luggage, or the Tmall Genie in FlyZoo Hotel to serve their customers through phone and facial recognition. IoT technology has been developed for a few years, services could be applied in various parts. Visitors could simply use dialogue to control electrical appliances in the guestroom with smart speaker, like Alexa for Hospitality.

Using AI technology and new technologies can save manpower. Using Alibaba’s e-payment could reduce 70% of financial work. During COVID-19, avoiding physical contact could prevent from transmission also.

Hospitality industry pays special attention on human touch. Most of the guests still prefer traditional style of service. In fact, technology is developing rapidly, even though communication is important for hospitality, artificial intelligence could still offer help.

Room Service is one of the services that require a 24-hours non-stop service. Most of the enquiries are similar. In this way, Voicebot becomes a possible solution. Guests do not need to wait for the transferring call, but directly ask the Voicebot for service and answer. Voicebot could serve the users 24/7 and do not have any language barrier or peak hour problem. Hotels could consider using A.I. to serve and segmentize the users first. Your staff could focus on handling those relatively complicated tasks, and hence raising the effectiveness and efficiency.

It’s now. It’s Asia. It’s Asiabots.

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