How could we apply A.I. in Banking industry?

Finance industry requires large manpower to promote their new promotion. To ensure a high success rate, the industry is happy to use new technology to categorization of customers. However, handling a call is still costly. Instead, they can use A.I. Voicebot to pre-screen their target customer, or use other online platform such as Facebook to place advertisement. We offer a A.I. phone call for your reference.

This is an example that uses both Facebook and phone telemarketing. Facebook can spread the advertisement to potential clients. Voicebot will automatically make a phone call to those users who left their contact showing their interest to the product to do further explanation. If the client is interested to purchase the service, he could simply close the deal through the phone, or contact a real staff for handling the purchase. The targeting is more precise.

There are still many digital marketing solution for Voicebot, for example A/B Test. If you have used Google AdWord, or Facebook Advertisement, you would know the ability of A/B Test. It can test which promotion is more powerful to customers. You could provide various content, voice or even male or female caller, to find a most effective voicebot solution for your corporation.

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