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當提到Chatbot時,少不了一併提到NLP技術,那麼到底NLP是甚麼呢?自然語言處理(Natural Language Processing)為人工智能的分支,直白一點來解釋,也就是教導電腦如何能聽懂人類的語言,配合運用聊天機械人,一問一答,就變成了機械人能夠和人類「聊天」了。

When we mention about ‘Chatbot’, we always talk about ‘NLP’ at the same time. But what exactly is NLP? Natural Language Processing is part of artificial intelligence. Specifically, it teaches computer to understand human language. With the usage of chatting robot, it allows robot to have fluent conversation with human by asking and answering questions.


In the previously shared article, there are various ways to express a sentence in Chinese. It makes creating a chatbot even more difficult when Hong Kong people love code switching between Chinese and English.

客人:你好 想要預約今天晚上四位來晚餐
Chatbot: 好的 請留下姓名及電話。


Customer: Hi I would like to reserve a table for four for dinner.

Chatbot: Sure, may I have you name and contact number?

Customer: XXXXXX

客人: Hello 想Book今日下午四位Tea

Chatbot: ………………..???????

Customer: Bonjour. I would like to reserve a table for four for cha time.

Chatbot: ………………..???????


There are many companies could set up a Chatbot for you, but is it a good one? Setting up a chatbot that suits Hong Kong people is not easy at all. It will be a mess if you set a chatbot to serve your customers but it cannot really know what your customers need. We are not saying that chatbot is not good, but try to find a good company to set a nice one for you!


Which company? Asiabots!

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